About the Fear Farm Sports & Entertainment Complex

Sheely Farms was established in the early 1950's, by Ross Sheely. Ross was a leader in agriculture. In the 1930's he was asked personally by the president Roosevelt to move to Anchorage Alaska to start the agriculture industry. After a successful deployment, Ross returned to Phoenix Arizona where he purchased the land at 99th Ave. and McDowell, now known as Sheely Farms. The farm was later handed down to Joe Sheely, who expanded the operation. Joe, was also a well-known farmer through his involvement in several agriculture organizations. Joe acted as president for many of these committees. In 1979, Ken Sheely took over the operation. Ken loved agriculture as it was the only life he knew, growing up on the farm. He has escorted the farm into the future by implementing modern farming equipment and techniques to the operation. One of Kens biggest decisions was to add the agritainment industry into the mix. In 2000, he started a corn maze that later evolved into what is now Arizonas largest Haunted attraction known as Fear Farm. In 2010 the decision was made to develop part of the land into a multi-use sports and entertainment venue, hosting events such as soccer and concerts. Later tracks were built for the community to utilize for their remote control hobbies. Ken is now looking forward To the future to see what else is in store for Sheely Farms.